Nora and the South Sardinia

A place with a thousand shapes and an infinity of colours

The beaches

Sardinia is an island with a personality of its own, which is characterised by the goodness of nature and the well-known hospitality of the people who live there. There are many incredible beaches that embellish the coast, embracing the South with unparalleled Mediterranean colours and scents. Let yourself be enchanted by the turquoise colours of the nearby Nora Beach, Chia Beach and Tuerredda.

The ruins

It is said that Nora was the first city in Sardinia, a magical place founded by the Phoenicians on ancient Nuragic ruins.
Conquered by the Romans in 238 BC, it became a municipality and capital of the Roman province of Sardinia and Corsica. The site located on the extreme part of the beach of the same name, is enriched by precious mosaics of the ancient residences, the remains of the ancient baths, and the temple of Aesculapius overlooking the sea in the extreme part of the peninsula.
In the largely intact theatre, theatrical and cultural events are still organised today with guests of international prominence.