Hotel Rurale Orti di Nora

We don't just want to have you as our guests; we want to give you a piece of our homeland.

The Rural Hotel Orti di Nora, which opened in May 2015 and continues to evolve and innovate, was born out of a desire to reconnect with nature and the surrounding environment.

Orti di Nora Hotel is located in an agricultural area of around 20 hectares. It boasts olive groves, vineyards, citrus orchards and a variety of animal species, from the most common types like peacocks, chickens, donkeys, ponies and horses, to the more unusual ones like alpacas, Vietnamese piglets, emus, deer, fallow deer and ostriches. It is precisely the ostrich, which is the symbol of the hotel, that represents the bond between tourism and nature.

The hotel

At the heart of it all

The hotel is located on the farm of the same name in Santa Margherita di Pula, in the province of Cagliari. Thanks to its ideal location, it is able to meet the diverse needs of its guests, particularly those who want not only to stay but who also want to explore the surrounding area.

The hotel is situated 1,000 m from the sea and 1,500 m from Is Molas Golf Course, the oldest and most prestigious golf course in Sardinia. It is also 500 m from the nearest riding school, 7 km from the famous Dune of Chia and 2 km from the centre of the town of Pula, the main tourist centre in the south-west corner of Cagliari.

Artisan products

Gli Orti di Nora farm is primarily a people’s farm, where knowledge and human tradition, love for the land and the fruits it offers us, are preserved.
The products we bring you, such as oranges, lemons, olives, grapes and even wine, are symbolic of our daily sacrifices.


The farm and its animals

Our love for nature, the care we take over the smallest details, our passion and also our patience are the key elements that determine the quality, character and soul of our products.
For the enjoyment of the little ones, a variety of animals can be seen, including ostriches, peacocks, ducks, donkeys and horses.