Rules and regulations of the building

Guests are required to respect the following rules:

  1. On arrival guests are required to self certify as required by law and complete the procedures relating to the assignment of their accommodation.
  2. Silence must be respected between 14:00 and 16:00 and between 00:00 and 7:00
  3. Management is not responsible for any thefts which may occur in the building as it offers a safekeeping service. Any non-deposited goods are therefore considered non-existent in any compensation claim.
  4. Where small and medium-sized dogs are allowed, they must be kept on a lead and muzzled. They must have health documentation certifying vaccinations and good health. Dogs are not allowed in the common areas or around the pool.
  5. Visits to resident guests are not allowed. Management can make an exception, upon request.
  6. The car park inside is unattended. Management is not liable for any damage caused to cars by unknown persons.
  7. The building supports and practices differentiated waste collection. Non-compliance by guests can lead to a penalty applied by management.


Guests are required to respect the following rules:

  1. Access is only allowed for hotel guests.
  2. Access is prohibited for unaccompanied disabled people and minors under age 14 due to the absence of a lifeguard.
  3. It is forbidden to bring animals.
  4. It is mandatory to shower and use the foot bath before entering the pool and to wear a swimming cap.
  5. Wearing wooden clogs or rubber slippers is mandatory on barefoot routes.
  6. Diving in the absence of adequate structures is forbidden (pool water height 1.40m).
  7. It is not recommended to swim within three hours of eating.
  8. Using sun cream or hair oil is forbidden before getting in the pool.
  9. It is mandatory to respect the access times of the swimming pool (08:00 – 20:00).
  10. Taking sharp or cutting objects into the pool is forbidden.
  11. Bathing is prohibited in certain weather conditions (storms).
  12. For any need, call the mobile n. 3393692672 – Antonio
  13. The pool manager should take measures against swimmers who do not observe the requirements, so we ask for your kind cooperation in complying with the legislation to which we are subject.


Guests are required to respect the following rules:

  1. Gym users are liable for damage to people or things caused by improper use of the equipment.
  2. For hygiene reasons, it is mandatory to place a towel on the equipment.
  3. Gym access is only allowed with gym clothes and trainers with clean soles.
  4. After use, the equipment must be cleaned with the available disinfectant.
  5. Children under age 14 can only access the gym if accompanied by a parent.
  6. Use of the sauna is only allowed for those over 18.
  7. Every user must know the particularities (high temperature, air humidity…) and the effects on the body.
  8. In case of health problems, it is advised to consult a doctor before accessing the sauna.